1.  Terms of Use

Legally we are required to bring to your attention the following facts about the Kenya Children Centres website.

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Our website has been designed to provide general information about Kenya Children Centres and the children that is supports.

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2.  Data Protection Regulations

The Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) came into force on 25th May 2018 and implements the standards set out in the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR). This section sets out information, for customers, suppliers, and others that have a relationship with Kenya Children Centres, on Kenya Children Centres’ DPA compliance.

2.1  Data Protection Officer

Kenya Children Centres does not require a Data Protection Officer. Ian Faulkner, Trustee, leads on all data protection issues.

2.2  Processing of Data

Kenya Children Centres is Controller of the data that it holds. It uses collected data to process donations and for communications purposes.
No unnecessary data is held. No sensitive data is held.

2.3  Data Storage

Kenya Children Centres holds data on its own Data Server. Access to the server uses WebDAV, with each user having a unique User Name and Password. Administrator access also uses 2-Factor Authentication

WebDAV access uses SSL.

The data is backed up to a local USB device and to Google Drive.

The server location has an access alarm, and is connected to a monitoring service.

Should you want to see, or obtain a copy of, the data that we hold about you, please get in touch using the Contact Us page.

2.4  Deletion of Data

Should you want us to delete the data that we hold about you, please get in touch using the Contact Us page. Please note that we cannot delete financial or contractual information for seven years. Should you receive a mailing from us and want to opt-out, click the button at the bottom of the e-mail.

2.5  Data Breach Policy

If we are notified of or detect a potential data breach we will first investigate to ensure that the source of the breach is identified and, if necessary, closed. If our investigation shows that there has been a breach, we will:

  • Notify the Information Commissioner’s Office and other bodies as appropriate
  • Assess the level of risk of the accessed data
  • Notify those impacted by the breach and inform them of any actions that they should take
  • Take appropriate steps to stop the breach being repeated.