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Helping to create a brighter future for Kenya children

Kenya Children Centres supports extremely disadvantaged children in Kenya, helping them to be safe, healthy, educated and, ultimately, self-sustaining.

We currently support over 2,000 children.


Our centre in Thika is home to over a dozen abandoned babies, 6 teenage girls who are pregnant, often through rape, and 16 critically vulnerable children. We provide a safe environment where they can be cared for and given all necessary health and wellbeing support before being reintegrated with their communities or families, or being placed for adoption. Click here to read more


We provide breakfasts and lunches in eight schools in slums and poor rural communities in central Kenya.

In total your support helps us feed over 1,000 children, often the only food that they get all day.

We also work with schools, families and communities to improve the wellbeing of children, including reproductive health education and individual/family counselling.  This project supports over 800 children.

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We pay education costs for over 100 children, in junior school, senior school and college/university, covering the costs of uniforms, equipment and schooling.

Through our Women Leaders Programme, we develop girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to become leaders in their communities. We sponsor them through university or high school, provide a local and an international mentor and leadership training.

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Our ultimate objective is for the children that we support to become self-sustaining.

Safe, healthy and well-educated, we continue to support the children through small cash injections to them and their families, to set them up in business – perhaps buying hairdressing equipment or funding the first purchase of food for market or street-food stalls.

As a measure of our success, many of the children we care for go on to support others, including one who has become a Trustee of one of our projects!


Kenya Children Centres is proud to be the lead sponsor of the Kenyan Charitable Children’s Institution Kujali Children’s Centre.

For more information, visit their website at