Keeping the children healthy

We provide meals, health checks, and reproductive health education for over 1,000 children across 8 schools in the Thika area.

The meals that we provide are often the only food that the children get that day.

We regularly monitor the children’s development.  Our monitoring shows that a daily hot meal leads to measurable improvements in the children’s health, physical development, school attendance and academic performance.

Our Reproductive Health programmes teach girls and boys about reproduction, how to keep themselves safe and how to respect each other.  We work with over 800 children through this project.

We have counsellors that work in the schools, give one-to-one counselling to the children and work with their families and communities to help ensure that the benefits that they get at school continue at home.

This can often mean providing start-up funding for parents so that they can start their own ventures and provide for their families.