KCC Unveiled

Kenya Children Centres (KCC) has been supporting disadvantaged children in Kenya for over 20 years.  Through our website, we inform visitors about the work that we do and thought that some additional information would help you understand the need for the work we support.

We invite you to join us on a journey through the complexities and contradictions of Kenya, through the challenges faced by the most impoverished of Kenyans, and through the services that we deliver, to see how your kind donations improve the lives, and prospects, of over 2,000 Kenyan babies and children.

Welcome to ‘KCC Unveiled’, a blog where each story is a call to action and an opportunity to share hope for the future.

KCC. Supporting Education

In our last blog Janet, our Outreach Manager, explained the changes to the education system in Kenya.  Education is key to the prospects of children.  In this blog, Janet explains how KCC is supporting the education of disadvantaged children.

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Women’s Health in Kenya

Rape, misogyny, period shame. These are all factors that contribute to the hardship of women in Kenya.
In this blog we give some more detail about these issues and their impact on women, and discuss how reproductive health education is at the heart of their resolution.

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Kujali Abandoned Baby Unit – A Day In The Life

In this blog, Rachel explains what life in the Kujali Abandoned Baby Unit is like – by explaining ‘a day in the life’ of the unit.
In summary, it is very similar to many mothers’ days – feed, change, play, sleep . . . repeat – but on a bigger scale!

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Kujali Abandoned Baby Unit

Our last blog explained how abandoned babies are a major issue in Kenya.  To help improve their life prospects Kenya Children Centres funded the creation, and continues to fund the day-to-day operations, of a dedicated Abandoned Baby Unit in the Kujali Children’s Centre, a Charitable Children’s Institute (CCI) near Thika.

This blog looks at how the Centre has improved the lives of the abandoned babies taken into its care.

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