It’s Christmas!!

Some of our supporters have asked if they could buy Kenya Children Centres vouchers for their family and friends for Christmas.

Well, who are we to say no??  So we have put our heads together with Santa to come up with a few options, priced for every pocket!

Select the voucher you would like to give, and we will e-mail it back to you as soon as we can – it can take a little while for CAF to give us your e-mail address.

Our elves aren’t tech-savvy enough as yet to add text of your choosing, but we’ll leave suitable space for you to either print and personalise or edit yourselves.

As always, every penny that we receive will be spent on caring for the babies and children that we support.  The Trustees fund all expenses.

Merry Christmas, and Thank You.

Kenya Children Centres runs eight feeding programmes in the slums of Kenya.  Your donation of £5 feeds a child for a month.

The programmes give children a nutritious breakfast and/or lunch every school day.

They are held within school grounds, to encourage attendance.

Feedback from the schools is that the feeding programmes have increased attendance and achievement – a big step towards climbing out of poverty.

blankThe Kenya Children Act 2022 says “all children are entitled to a free and compulsory basic education”.  Unfortunately, free doesn’t actually translate to free (!), and schoolchildren must provide many things for themselves, including books, pens, pencils and stationery.

Your donation of £10 will provide a child with this basic equipment for an entire year, ensuring that they get the best education possible and the best opportunity for a better future.

blankEducation is key if disadvantaged children in Kenya are to have the chance of a better future.

Whilst schooling is supposed to be free, every school that we work with charges fees of one type or another – ranging from buying books, stationery and even desks, through to fees for ‘remedial education’.  If these fees are not paid, then the children are excluded.

Your donation of £25 will pay a child’s education fees for a term.

Your donation will keep a child in school and help their chances of improving their future by getting a better education

blankEducation is key if disadvantaged children in Kenya are to have chance at a better future.

One of the major costs of schooling is having the right uniform, which is mandatory at the schools that we work with.  The families of the children we support are amongst the most impoverished in Kenya, coming mainly from slums.  School uniforms are way down their list of priorities when it comes to money but are vital if the children are to get the opportunity of a decent education.

Your donation of £50 buys school uniforms for a year.

Kenya Children Centres funds all the education costs for over 100 children.

Your donation will help improve the prospects for one of them.

blankThe Kenya Children Centres Baby Unit in Kujali is home to 12 babies.

Our special unit takes in babies that have been abandoned by their mothers, perhaps because they were conceived through rape, perhaps because the father has left or perhaps because they have a disability.

Without their mother’s milk, these babies need to be given baby formula.   Each tin costs nearly £10, and they consume eight each month.

Your donation of £75 will feed a baby for a month, while we nurse them back to health, seek to reintegrate with their families or communities, or manage their adoption.